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My Top 5 Clone Wars Arcs!

Previously I shared a few reasons why you should watch Clone Wars, but while I highly recommend watching all the episodes in order to get the full experience, I know not everyone has that much time. So, I thought I would share my top 5 Clone Wars Arcs!

1. The Siege of Mandalore Arc ( S7 Episodes 9-12) This arc was by far some of the best Star Wars I have ever seen. I honestly feel like this arc is a perfect Star Wars movie, and definitely enhances Revenge of the Sith.
2. The Wrong Jedi Arc (S5 Episodes 17-20) While this is a sad arc, it is also an essential part of the Clone Wars Story, and it truly shows Ahsoka’s growth.
3. The Umbara Arc ( S4 Epsiodes 7-10)
One thing I love about the Clone Wars is that they made the clones relatable characters. They gave them each a unique personality. This arc has plenty of clones, action, and more.

4. Padawan Lost Arc (S3 Episodes 21-22)
This arc shows Ahsoka rely solely on her training to help herself and others. It is extremely action packed, a…

Mulan Coming To Disney Plus Rentals

Disney announced that they will be releasing the live action Mulan movie on Disney Plus. However, even subscribers will have to pay $30 in addition to their subscription fee to rent the movie. I was really shocked by this news. Thirty dollars is a lot of money for a movie rental. I hope anyone who does rent the movie enjoys it. It will be release on September 4.

New Moana Art

Moana is my favorite Disney Princess, but it’s been awhile since I have drawn her. I had a lot of fun adding a water backdrop to this piece. I love Moana because I relate so much to her! Who’s your favorite princess?

🎶 See the line where the sky meets the sea 🎶 

My Pixar Collection

For just about forever, I have been collecting Pixar themed toys, books, collectibles, you name it! My favorite animated movie has always been Toy Story. I began by getting a lot of Toy Story toys, and now my collection has expanded to include all kinds of fun Pixar collectibles!

This is my Adventure Book from Up! I found it at the Disney Store, and I love it. On each page I write a goal, and I am going to put pictures of my accomplished goal. Sort of like a bucket list! In front of the book are a few of my Pixar Business pens, also from Shop Disney.

Here are 2 of my favorite Pixar books- My character encyclopedia, and my Pixar pop up book.

And here is the best toy I could ever hope to have. Woody has always been my favorite character, since he is so loyal and a true friend.

Speaking of Woody... Here is my Loungefly Woody backpack. I would highly recommend any of loungefly’s bags, they are great quality, and a terrific way to show off your fandom. The Ratatouille cookbook notebook is from Sh…

New Loungefly Backpacks - Monster’s University

On some adorable mini backpacks, and a wallet have been released. The theme of these new items is Monster’s University. I love, love, love Monster’s Inc and Monster’s University. There is a Mike Wasowski Backpack, a Sully mini coin purse Backpack, and an accordion wallet that looks like Mike’s student ID!As always Loungefly has done an amazing job designing this line.
 Loungefly’s MU collection has me in a very Pixar mood. Stay tuned, because later I am going to be giving you a tour at my at my Pixar collection....

Join Us For The My AG Universe Clone Wars Rewatch!

I have a very special announcement today! A lot of you have probably seen YouTubers, and even Star hosting a rewatch of the Clone Wars. Since I am such a huge fan of the Clone Wars, and I am constantly watching it, I decided to host a rewatch here on My American Girl Doll Universe.We will be rewatching the Clone Wars in chronological order beginning with Clone Wars animated movie. Here’s how it works: Since everyone is really busy you only have to watch one episode a week. (Of course you could watch ahead or miss a few episodes if you like.) Then, every Friday I will write a blog post recapping the episode, sharing my favorite moments, fun facts, and more! I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and I would love it if you guys joined me in this rewatch. If you don’t have time to rewatch the episode, you can still come here and enjoy the recap posts too! 😉
So, let’s begin by watching The Clone Wars Animated Movie!

Drawing Jannah From Rise of Skywalker

Today, I used my Copic markers and colored pencils to draw Jannah from Rise of Skywalker. I did this on toned tan paper because I am having a blast playing around with new techniques! 
I hope you guys like this doodle, and stay tuned because I will be making an exciting announcement later today....

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Schematic Pin of the Month

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Droid Schematic Pin of the Month is now available at Shop Disney! This month’s pin is an R2-D2 Droid Schematic. R2-D2 is one of my favorite droids, and he looks so cute on this pin. These pins are limited edition, as only 1,500 were made. Since a lot of us can’t go to Hollywood Studios right now, I think it’s awesome that select Galaxy’s Edge merchandise is now available online.Are you going to add R2-D2 to your collection?