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AG’s New Releases

Thanks to a fabulous doll site called American Girl Fan I am able to post some of AG’s new releases.

This cute outfit is so nice because your Wellie Wishers and AG dolls can match.

I love this adorable Wellie Wishers chicken coop.

This is Tenney’s new mix and match collection! I am a big fan of her red dress.

This chameleon Set is cute. I hope AG makes even more unique pets.

This is the spring Truly Me collection. I think it is the best one yet!

Here is Luciana’s Visitor Center Accessories.

Here is Luciana’s telescope set.

This is Luciana’s robotic dog.

Here is Luciana’s Maker Station. It is my favorite piece in her collection!

I l8ke her space suit

WOW! Her habitat is very cute!

These are Luciana’s outfits.

Pilot Episode Part 1 of My NEW Stop Motion Series - Agent Lea Clark

I am very excited because today I am releasing the first episode of my new stop motion series - Agent Lea Clark. It was to big to upload it all at once so, I had to do it in two parts, but it really is just one episode. Enjoy!!

part 1

part 2 Will be released soon!

Another BIG Announcement!

I have another big announcement today! Well later this year I will be making a mini tv series that goes along with Agent Gwen:

That’s right! Lea is getting her own show! After her amazing debut in Agent Gwen we thought she needed her own show. It will follow all of her adventures before she met Gwen! I do not have a set release date yet. It just depends on how long it takes to film it.....
Thanks For Reading!

My 90th Post And Special Announcements!!!!!!

I am very excited because today is my 90th post!!! I wanted to thank you
all for being such loyal readers! I hope you like all of my stop motions and pics because it is so much fun to make them.
And now for my special announcements -

1. So, a while back I released my first doll stop motion movie, To Mars And Back! It is about four girls who are all excited to be going to Space Camp! Well, I decided that it's time to start working on the sequel , To The Stars And Back! I am hoping to release it this Spring. It will be about Skyla and Bree working hard to be the first girls on Mars. They attend Youth Astronaut Training Camp and prepare to dive to Cetus, the underwater training facility that is used to train astronauts, but Bree is finding it difficult to snorkel and thinks that it will be best if she quits the training program. Will Bree decide to not go to Mars? Will Skyla even wan to go to Mars all by herself? Find out in To The Stars And Back! Coming Spring 2018....

2. For my n…

Doll Country Coffee Shop Room

I recently set up a doll room! It is a Country Coffee Shop! In a later post I will be reviewing some of the cute coffee drinks and milkshakes. I got them from a great Etsy shop! You can find them at Stacey Morgan Studios on Etsy!
 I hope you like the video!

Please checkout Stacey Morgan Studios! She makes AMAZING doll food!

Tenney And Lea’s Great Day!

Tenney and Lea had a great day today and wanted to share these pics with you! We hope you like them!

Tenney enjoyed relaxing by the lake.

They are BFFs!

Lea climbed her favorite tree and convinced Tenney to climb it too!

The view from the tree inspires Tenney to write a new song!

They both had a great day!

Nanea’s Rainy Day

We have had some rainy weather lately! Nanea hopes for some sunny weather soon! She wants to go fishing.

Hope you all have a great day full of sunshine! 

NEW Stop Motion Movie!!!!

So, today I want to share with you my new doll stop motion movie called The Video Game. It is about two girls who are video game designers. For a school project they must design a video game about the 1950's. Just as they are about to test it they find themselves swept inside the game! Once they actually get to meet the characters of the game they discover they must leave the game before it vanishes taking them and the video game characters along with it! I hope you enjoy it!