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Wild Republic 12'' Sloth Stuffed Animal Review

Hi guys! I am really excited because Wild Republic sent me their 12'' sloth stuffed animal to review on my blog. I hope you enjoy the review. Also, be sure to check out Wild Republic's website by clicking here - Wild Republic

So, here is the sloth. It retails for $14.99. This sloth is part of the cuddlekins collection. It is extremely cuddly and extremely soft. It is 12” which makes it the perfect size to hug.

Wild Republic is known for it’s realistic stuffed animals. This plush sloth has a lot of detail. It’s eyes are very realistic. The markings around it’s eyes are also amazing.

The sloth comes with a Wild Republic tag.

Inside the tag it has a fun fact about sloths. This is a nice touch : )

We love this sloth so much. Thank you Wild Republic for sending him to us. This is a very popular Wild Republic stuffed animal, so be sure to go to the link to Wild to purchase your sloth today!

Lea loves sloths, so I think she will get along quite nicely with this littl…

The Fingerlings Life

Hi guys!
So, due to the overwhelming response to my Fingerlings Page I have started a second blog! This blog is dedicated to Fingerlings. It is called The Fingerling Life. I am a Fingerling Fan for life and I know that a lot of you feel the same way. I hope you enjoy the new blog. Here is the link -

Don’t worry My AG Universe will still be a blog! Please frequently check back on both blogs!

Ashley Eckstein Book Signing!

So, recently I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Eckstein voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars Rebels! Ahsoka is my favorite character and meeting Ashley was a dream come true! I met her during her book tour. Ashley has written a book called , “It’s Your Universe, You Have The Power To Make It Happen. The book tells Ashley’s story and is also a very inspiring guide. I love it!!!

Ashley Eckstein autographed my book and gave me some really good advice on following my dreams! We also talked about my favorite Star Wars Rebels episode - A World Between Worlds. This was a day that I will always remember.

I also got this Ahsoka pin. Ashley Eckstein signed the card that it comes in!!!
Be sure to check out Ashley’s company , Her Universe!

Thank You To All Of My Readers!

I Just wanted to say thank you to all of my incredible readers! You have all been really supportive!  I am hoping to post some more pictures soon, but I hope that you enjoy this fallback photo of Agent Gwen. Well, I am really excited because this week I have a ton of posts planned that I think you will all enjoy. I will be writing about where to go back to school shopping for your dolls and about how I recently met Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. I can’t wait to share with you!

Solo: A Star Wars Story ~ (spoiler free) Movie Review

I wanted to encourage you to go see the newest Star Wars movie - Solo: A Star Wars Story. I personally LOVE this movie! In this post I will be giving you my spoiler free review. Hope you enjoy : )

In this film we get to learn more about Han Solo’s life before his appearance in A New Hope. Han grew up on the streets and eventually joined the Imperial army. Han is a pilot and dreams of one day flying all around the galaxy.
This movie features many legendary moments. The acting is good. It has a lot of action, but also some humor. There are many twists and turns and I felt like the end was very unpredictable.
Chewbacca is in this film : ) I was very excited about that.
I give this movie ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Definitely the best Star Wars movie yet. Fingers crossed that there will be more Han Solo movies in the future!

I Found legendary Fingerling Minis!

wow! I have some really exciting news. I can hardly believe it, but I opened three new blind bags of Fingerling Minis today and.......
I found legendary ones! I found two unicorns, Alika and Gemma. And one sloth - Marge. I will be renaming Marge Margie because I have the full size Marge!

Here is Alika and Gemma.

And here is Margie!

And now I have some great news for AG Doll fans - Fingerling Minis fit on American Girl Doll’s fingers! How cool is that? Nanea is a big fan of Fingerlings!

And don’t forget to save the packaging from the Fingerling Minis. You can cut the blind bags down to size, stuff them with plastic, and seal the edges with hot glue to make Fingerling Minis Blind Bags for dolls!  Be sure to go to your local Walmart to find some Fingerling Minis today!!!

Melissa And Doug Examine And Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Today I will be reviewing the Examine And Treat Pet vet Play Set by Melissa And Doug. It retails for  $29.99.

Here is the packaging.

This is the back of my box.

This is the thermometer.

This shot is very cute.

You can use the light to look in the animal’s ear.

This bandage is awesome.

This is the eye drop bottle.

This is another bandage.

This is the stuffed dog. He has a removable cast.

This is the stuffed cat.

This is the soothing creme.

This is the quick cure medicine.

Melissa And Doug - Sushi Slicing Playset Review

Today, I will be reviewing the sushi slicing playset by Melissa And Doug. Thank you so much Melissa And Doug for sending it to me.

This is the front of the box.

This is the back.

All of the pieces fit into this wooden box.

Some of the sushi can be chopped with the wooden knife.

The chopsticks have Velcro on the ends. You can pick up the sushi with them.

Here is the fish sushi.

This is another piece of wooden sushi.

Another piece of incredibly detailed sushi.

More sushi.

The ribbon can be removed.

The sushi can come apart.

I love this wooden bowl of soy sauce.