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More Artwork!

Hi guys! I wanted to share some new pieces I finished. I hope you like them 😁

This is a sketch I did using the Disney style. It’s not my best, but I am enjoying experimenting with the AMAZING Disney technique!

And here is my picture of Moana.  Stay tuned because I will be posting more art soon!

Toy Report!

I really want to keep all of you updated on which toys I have seen in stores while you are all doing your Christmas Toy Shopping. I mainly search for toys in Walmart so without a further ado here is a list of toys I saw in stores recently -
Fingerling Hugs - Bella, Boris, And Gigi
Shopkins Series 10 - Mini Packs Shopper Packs Value Packs
D Lectables Layers Of Magic
Fingerling Pandas - Pink  Black Blue
Moj Moj Claw Machine
My Life Vending Machine
FurReal Dinosaur
L.O.L Dollhouse
I hope this helps all of you as you are searching for hard to find toys. I will keep posting these reports  :)
There are many more toys to find 😃 Stay tuned 🦄

31 Days Of Characters 2018 - Week 1

So, I completed my first week of 31 Days Of Characters! For those of you that don’t know this is a drawing prompt list that I use to create sketches for all of you. It is a great exercise to help get better at drawing. Basically I will be posting these weekly posts to share my 7 days work with all of you.

Day 1 - Princesses I chose a very casual and fun princesses for this theme. Princesses Vanellope! Who is excited for Ralph Breaks The Internet? This is definently the sketch that I am most proud of because I have tried to draw Vanellope several times and failed. I had a lot of fun shading her hair. I am kind of thinking about doing a Wreck it Ralph Drawing Series next month.....

Day 2 - Superheroes 
I decided to do this simple sketch of Baymax! He is the best superhero : )

Day 3 - Animals
Squirrel!  😂 Dug is one of the sweetest Disney dogs. It was a challenge to draw him, but I was pleased with the end result.

Day 4 - Action
Lilo and Stitch haad a few action sequences and I couldn’t…

Fingerlings Baby Glitter Panda Review

Thank you so much Fingerlings for sending me Glitter panda Drew! The review is down below! I absolutely love my new baby panda. For more info on where to buy Fingerlings go to their website. Here is the link - Fingerlings

31 Days Of Characters

So, this upcoming October I decided to challenge myself to get creative and practice drawing more and more! I came up with a list of 31 drawing prompts - one for each day of October. I wanted to invite all of you to use my list of drawing prompts and participate in something I like to call 31 Days of Characters. Each day you can follow along and draw a sketch for each of my prompts, but each sketch must include at least one character from a movie or your own original characters.

New Drawing

So, I just finished this new drawing. It isn’t my best, but I am enjoying working on my original characters and creating my unique art style. Stay tuned more artwork to come!

Disney D-Lectables Review

Hi guys! Rainbow Unicorn here! I am excited because today I will be reviewing The Disney D-Lectables by Imperial Toy. Thank you so much to Imperial Toy for sending me these amazing products! I love them. Be sure to check out Imperial Toy's website. Here is the link - Imperial Toy

The first item that I reviewed was The Cinderella Disney D-Lectables set. Here is the review -

Disney D-Lectables are a great size for your AG dolls. If you are like me then you have been wanting some Disney themed doll food. Well, Disney D-Lectables are the cutest Disney inspired treats around! Even if you don't want to use them as doll food they are still a lot of fun to collect and build! Here are some pics:

 The next set that I reviewed was the Rapunzel set. It came with some adorable cupcakes! Here is the review:

And finally, I reviewed the Disney D-Lectables Layers Of Magic Set! This set was a little different then the others. The cupcake is too big for dolls, but this set is AWESOME! The cup c…