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Mando Mondays - Week 5 Highlights!

 Yesterday, was Week 5 for Mando Mondays! Wow, isn’t time flying by fast?  Here are some of the highlights- -Star Wars The Mandalorian Ultimate Visual Guide (Pre-order) -Mandalorian Cooler -Greef Karga Vintage Collection Figure -The Child Vintage Collection Figure What are your thoughts on this Mando Monday Launch? My favorite has to be the Mandalorian Ultimate Visual Guide! Also, I have been waiting to post my review on the Mandalorian season 2 because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Stay tuned though, because after the season has been over for a little bit, I will post my in depth review.

Pop Figures Sale @ GameStop!

 Hey everyone! Today GameStop is having a one day only sale on some amazing Pop figures! They are on sale for $8 a piece. This is a really great deal. I noticed 2 Ahsoka figures as well as some other Clone Wars  figures. I have never collected Pop figures before, but I am hoping to collect a few some time in the future. What do you think of this deal? Also, I’m curious, do you think Pop figures should be left in the box or taken out?

Ashley Eckstein - The One And Only Ahsoka Tano

 This is a post that I really needed to write today. It’s about Ashley Eckstein, who will absolutely always be the one and only Ahsoka Tano. I am firm believer that part of the reason why people love and relate to certain characters is due to the person behind the character. Ashley is proof of that. She brings so much to the role of Ahsoka that no one else can possibly do. For starters, Ashley cares about others, and helps them just like Ahsoka does. Ashley’s character, Ahsoka, was always groundbreaking since she was one of the first female Jedi in Star Wars. This was the first step on the path to prove that Star Wars is for everyone. But Ashley didn’t stop there. She founded Her Universe. A fashion company dedicated to fashion for fangirls.  I met Ashley a few years ago, and in the time that I got to talk to her, she really inspired me to follow my dreams. And that’s just Ashley’s personality, she wants to encourage and inspire others. Ashley, I can only imagine what a difficult time

Drawing Hera From Star Wars Rebels!

 A few months ago, I drew a bunch of Star Wars characters with floral wreaths around them. One of the characters was Hera from Star Wars Rebels. I felt like I could have done better on Hera though, so I decided to redraw her. I am really happy with the result. I am thinking about drawing some more Star Wars characters with floral wreaths, but maybe some that I haven’t drawn before..... We have hope. Hope that things can get better. And they will. - Hera 💚

Star Wars Celebration Store Opens Tomorrow!

 I just wanted to remind everyone that starting tomorrow the online Star Wars Celebration store will be open to everyone starting tomorrow at 12:00 pm EST. Everyone who bought a ticket to the canceled event has had early access for one week, but as of right now with the exception of the armorer patch, everything is in stock. There are a lot of amazing t shirts, pins, patches, and more available. You can preview the merchandise on Star Wars Celebration’s online store right now! Who’s excited?

Ahsoka Tano Costume for Build a Bears!

 So, today I found out that there is an Ahsoka Tano costume for Build a Bears! Yes, now your furry friend can dress up like Ahsoka. This is available on Build a Bear’s website, and I am honestly not sure how long it has been available. I thought I would share it with you guys though, because I keep up with Build a Bear, and I don’t think they ever advertised this. It is Ahsoka’s blue costume that she wears in the Clone Wars finale. I love how it also includes a miniature headdress! What are your thoughts on this amazing costume? Now we just need Build a Bear to make a Captain Rex costume, so he can team up with Ahsoka!

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special - Review!

 Today has been long awaited for Star Wars fans! Today the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special launched on Disney Plus. I decided to post a review sharing my thoughts on it. Some of you may have heard about the original Star Wars Holiday Special, and about how no one really liked it. Well, if you were hesitant about Star Wars releasing another Holiday Special, worry no more! I can confirm that this special is one hundred times better. I went into it expecting it would mainly be a comedy like other LEGO Star Wars specials. It does have a lot of laughs, but it really isn’t supposed to be a comedy. Instead it is a heartfelt Christmas special. I think it will definitely become a tradition to watch this around the Christmas. The story focuses around Rey, and I think it will delight any Star Wars fan. I don’t want to say too much about the plot, because I don’t want to spoil it.  I enjoyed this very much. It was very sweet, and I think it will delight Star Wars fans young and old.