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I Got Blaire!

I am so excited because I got Blaire Wilson, Girl of The Year 2019. I have got to say she is probably one of my favorite dolls ever. She has pretty red wavy hair and green eyes. Blaire has such a great story too! I will be posting a review on that later.
I hope to take some better pics of her outside later on, but for now I hope you will enjoy these!

GOTY 2020 - My Thoughts

American Girl will obviously be making a GOTY 2020. Here are my ideas of what she could be like -
If we look back at dolls like Laine, Lea, and Blaire, what do each of these popular dolls have in common? They all love animals and there are several animal items in their collection. I think that part of their success was due to the cute animals in their collection. So, I am really hoping that GOTY 2020’s story will have something to do with being a vet. Maybe one of her parents is a vet. American Girl loves to copy Our Generation, and a few years ago OG made a vet clinic.
My second idea is that maybe her parents own a zoo. Her collection would be filled with cool zoo animals! What do you think she will be like?

Some Goals For My American Girl Doll Universe - I AM BACK

As a lot of you probably noticed I haven’t been posting as much as I normally do. I have been super busy this year, but I have missed blogging tremendously. I wanted to let all of my loyal readers know that Rainbow Unicorn is back with a bunch of fun posts up her sleeve. I also wanted to share a list of goals for this blog.

1. Post more
Yes, I will definitely be making the time to post more and more frequently. I love blogging and want to provide my readers with more frequent content.

2. Craft Series
Recently, I have been really getting into crafting for my dolls. I am currently planning a craft series that will be super fun for all of my readers. You will find more out about that later in the year, but trust me it will be worth the wait.

3. Occasional Stop Motions
I love making stop Motions of my dolls, but due to some technical issues I am unable to make them as frequently as I used to, but since they were such a fan favorite I hope to make occasional stop motions from time to time

Attention Readers! AG Books Are Going To Have Pictures Again!

Yes, you read the title correctly. American Girl will be including pictures in their historical character books THIS YEAR! As a lot of you probably already know AG releases new items during what’s known as their fall release. Well, this year the release will consist of reprints of the historical books with pictures. When I saw the covers (you can find them on Amazon) I noticed that they do not say BeForever. I think that (and keep in mind this is just a theory) American Girl will no longer call the historical dolls BeForever dolls, instead they will each have their own category. For instance, Maryellen would just be considered Maryellen instead of being considered as a BeForever Doll. Are you excited about the new reprints of these classic books? I know I am!

Toy Story 4 Minis!

Toy Story 4  Minis are a new toy from Mattel. Previously Mattel made regular Toy Story Minis, but what’s unique about a Toy Story 4 Minis is that they feature some new characters along with some classic characters. Three series will be released, and you can find them at Walmart and Best Buy.
So far, I have only found series one. I got....

Jessie has a removable hat, and is the perfect size for your 18” dolls! I can’t wait to see who else I’ll find...

Meet Giggle McDimples - Toy Story 4 Plush

I would like to introduce all of you to Officer Giggle McDimples - Pet Patrol! Giggles is from the newest addition to the Toy Story Saga - Toy Story 4. I got my Giggles plush from the Disney Store for $9.99. Don’t worry, I will be sharing more pics of Giggles and the rest of the Toy Story gang in a later post. To infinity and beyond....

Anyone Can Cook! Ratatouille Notebook!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to show you guys something really cool that I found at the Disney Store yesterday. This a Ratatouille notebook that looks like Chef Gusteau’s cookbook. You could write anything in this notebook, but I am going to use it to write my recipes in. This will be a great way for me to organize my recipe being a big fan of Pixar! If you guys are interested this notebook is on clearance at the Disney Store. They also have an awesome Pixar business pen set that is worth checking into as well. I am not a sponsor, I am just a fan.   I think Blaire is going to love this new notebook too! Lol! Stay tuned more posts on the way...

Summer Reading - AG books!

Summer reading is always a lot of fun for me! This year I have mainly been reading Girl of The Year books, but there are a TON more AG books that I also plan on reading. Of course Blaire’s books are on my list along with Maryellen’s books. I want to encourage my readers to plan out some AG books that YOU want to read this summer. Summer is short, so it never helps to plan!

A few more titles on my reading list! 😂

Nanea and I cannot wait to read as many AG books as we can!